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Wow Hall.
Wall of text it might be, but most of this needs to be added to this website in some form or fashion, if anyone like myself wants to understand the immersion factor here and write stuff.
The interior of the light cruiser was eye opening. Do we have the other classes of TSN ships interiors, or anyone working on them?
I should echo Zephyr’s request of more pictures/links on this site.

So I’m getting the vibe the tech here is more Star Trek, then say Babylon 5, Wing Commander, Star Wars, Warhammer, etc. See it’s helpful to know what kind of society the USFP is. Again Star Trek with merit over credit.
Replicators and fusion power. And here I was thinking we were still using only perishable/grown foods (coffee maker references galore!), and fission/nuclear power to fuel our ships. Learned something new, ta for that.

Kind of got the TS room descriptions, but we really don’t roleplay in them to this level of detail. Saw one of the ships had an Engineering deck last week; was wondering about that.
But for writing I can see this being useful information, as locations for stories and events.

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