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Ta Zephyr for reminding me to add this is all OOC and such. Just saw ‘development’ and reckoned this was a better place to suggest something.
As you wrote: “We all can use these forums to create the backstory which can then be used to create the missions and the expand the backstory.” <— That’s one aspect indeed.

Ah Fish. I was starting to get into those Asimov logs you linked. Were only two done back in Feb?
That’s one way to go for sure, with anyone’s character: Short personal and/or duty logs. Even if it’s just once a week. Easy for almost anyone to write.
Heck, I just learned we send in probes to unknown sectors! (Wish that was in-game, so mint.)
As to writing some stuff and sending it to you all. I was looking at the Universe and Campaigns section of this site. That’s what got me thinking to breathe some more life into this group you’ve all kept going for two years. Really not much there to go on right now.

[Edit, just saw Hall’s post as I finally posted mine. Microscope is fine. I’d love to get some ideas flowing on what is what. As to the RP part, I’ve heard mention of a ‘checklist’ we could have, to do character fluff.]

Let me give an open example of something I’d post character-wise, and why I’m looking to also expand the Universe knowledge that is next to nil. I’ll keep it in the format of the Asimov posts. Anything in ( ) are questions that need information.

Stardate: 30/07/2237
Duty Log, Ensign Solari, (Position on ship here. Like who’s the Chief Weapons or Science officer?? Do we have Assistant or Deputy Chiefs, or whatever in a department structure? Or is everyone listed as ‘whatever specialty’ officer on the ships in-character roster?), TSN Hydra BC-016, 4-LD

So much for a relaxing escort assignment, for all of the division after yet another conflict. The TSN is being blamed for poaching some of the stellar life forms around Atlantis command. The Arvonians don’t seem like the kind to be easily duped, as Humans say. However, recent developments seem to indicate otherwise.
We lost two ships in an adjacent sector and probably only managed to rescue a fraction of the crews, in our rescue ops last shift.
I wasn’t in my usual station, as emergencies go, and so only had the comms system to go on.
Search and Rescue is not easy in the depths of space. Found a new appreciation for communications, and just how limited our current capabilities are. A request for non-hostile communications protocols would go very far. We need to do more than taunt or ask for surrenders on ships that might go hostile. Diplomacy is a decent enough form of communication. Looking back, I realised I could have helped avoid a further escalation of hostilities, if the Captain had been able to respond to the allegation of poaching in the first place.

It’s a far cry from my days as a Crewman on the TSN Neptune, before I took up the Officer Cadet programme. Still glad I did it though.
I’m not privy to much of what’s going on, so I can only give my best wishes to the recovery of the people we rescued.

To end off, I’ve helped our newly promoted Lieutenant junior Fulvus with removing all of the P-shock munitions from inventory, until we figure out how the pirates have been hacking the newer command systems. Like most everything else, that’s above my pay-grade. (Do we have a currency system? Credits?)

End duty log.

Personal log:

I once heard an expression that puzzled me until today. Captain Dunsel. For the longest time, I thought it was the name of an actual Captains in the TSN. Had to research the linguistics database to figure out it was some mid 20th century Human term, for something redundant and useless, because of a upgrade.
Well, I’m no Captain, so Ensign Dunsel seems more appropriate. Haven’t made a formal request as of yet of this though, but I should make my concerns vocal for the record. Maybe think them through.
Since being assigned to the Hydra, I’ve had very low moments when the Captain is on duty, and some of my better ones when the XO takes command. If my species had hair, I’d be pulling it out.
Note to computer, please look up the humour database to see if I got that right. (Do we have Star Trek like computers, or more low-tech style ones?)
It’s very odd when I look forward to the shifts the Captain is not in command, so that I can do one of my actual duties. For the record though, I admire our Captain. Follow her out of a super nova if we had to. Let’s hope I never have to test that theory out though.

On a related note, I’ve been looking over the specs of the Destroyer class. A few simulations on one have been quite enlightening. If the 4th were ever to commission a new hull, I’d be the first to request assignment in a…what do Terrans say, a heart ache? A heart pulse? Oh, heart beat.

End personal log.

Right, lousy examples. Normally I’d put in some more fluff, or write in the third person like a story, but first person works. Again, I don’t know this setting so I’m on unsure footing here, and limiting myself.
Just writing this makes me wonder about the little things. Do we have quarters? How big or small? Do we bunk at lower ranks? How is food made? What’s our tech level? (Dystopian, cyberware, retro-Fallout style?) What do our ‘characters’ see and actually know, when we play the duty shift? What happens on the lower decks? (I’m going off the assumption I’m a prior enlisted petty officer, on the mustang track, since my character is older then 20-something.)
Ad Infinitum.

Making sense or non-sense? 😛

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