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Leonard Hall

As far as writing stuff is concerned.
Being a good contributor to TSN content myself, I’d say go for it; you might think of something that would never have come otherwise. That said, fluff that gets written ends up under the microscope(like my unreleased thesis on Jump Theory), so when you do write content expect it to get some critique and/or take forever to be implemented fully. In regards to an ultimate “writer’s reference” for TSN canon there isn’t really any at the moment besides the collective knowledge we’re able to draft up from our own minds and some select other sources.

As far as encouraging RP is concerned.

Wardroom section on the CommNet is intended for in-character discussions and posting,and is where inter-shift RPing would naturally take place (except no such thing happens sadly). As for RPing just before and during the shift, I’d like to see more than just our casual not really in-character discussions, where we actually get involved in doing our day to day jobs and not just setting up for the next sim/mission. There’s got to be some stuff to do.
If you want to be a non-human TSN officer with your character, I’d love to see that happen. Good to note in that department however that the overwhelming majority of TSN officers are humans, compared to civilian traffic and the TSAF which sees a stronger share of non-humans involved. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it, though!

— LTJG Hall, Office of Naval Intelligence
// Wow, I sound like a senior officer writing in this style.