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Fish Evans

Please be constructive and help us!

We do have some cannon around the place, read up on the bits that are filled in in the Universe and Campaing sections of the site there are a few personal logs from the Captain of the TSAF Asimov that can be found here I know there are some bits pending approval form Xavior/Command Staff as well – I know Lenard has a treatis on Jump points thats on that list.

there are only two USFP races that we have run into in missions to my knowlege:

Normaly Abhore Violance and are pacifists, very smart particualy with Jump Points and Gates.

Gas giant dwellers not really intrested in space but very good at building light weight but very strong structures (as there buildings float and theres not much easily obtained building materials). Currently looking to establish a colony in a new solor systme

my advice is write a bit on a subject you like and send a sample to any of the command staff (Xavior/Alice/Gomric/Me etc) Hell Im looking for some articals to pop into an upcoming news bordcast. and there are a couple of posible articals that I would like to appear over the next few weeks as we get ready to kick off a new “season” of the RP story. the theam being “Real Politica”.