Updates – website content (OOC)

Over the past few weeks, more and more content has been added to the TSN website. Much of the content has been added to the Division Library. Under Protocols and Procedures, there are now several links to key protocols and procedures that are used during missions. Many of these are new, and were discussed recently by the Command Staff team.

As we run a lot of missions, ideas crop up all the time about how to deal with different situations. The most recent was official guidelines for escorting another vessel, due to our recent mission escorting the TSAF Asimov to its new location. There are now definitive guidelines on procedures about escorting other ships, from the distances to maintain, to how to respond to emergency situations and other ships in distress. As a result, protocols and procedures for making and responding to distress calls have also been created.

There are still a number of protocols and procedures to be added to the site, many of them already used and established. These will be included in the near future as work continues on the site itself. It will be important to get the shift protocols and procedures included soon, particularly to assist those officers who have recently joined.

Under the Division Library, there has also been the addition of the Officer Training page. At this moment, only the Basic Training page is accessible, but eventually the Advanced Training will be online, and will include new documents similar to (and including) the Helm: Beyond the Protocols document. There will also be a section about other roles and responsibilities such as Intelligence Officers, Training Instructors and Duty Officers.

Finally, there have been some additions to the Comms Net, increasing the number of forums available. There are now 3 main forums, with plans for a 4th private forum for the Intelligence Officers. These provide different areas to communicate with other officers, from general social discussions in the Mess Hall, to proposing ideas in Division Development, and other, more formal discussions in the Wardroom.

There is still going to be a lot of content to add to the site, with the Vessel Database being a rather large project that is still very much in its infancy, and the Universe still missing much of the information from the original site. It will be built up gradually though, and already has a significant amount of information available.