TSN Armada Online 2.0!

26th to 28th March, 2021

Welcome to the TSN Armada Online 2.0! Here you can find all the information about the TSN Armada Online weekend, to be held on 26th to 28th March, 2021.

This is the second online Armada we have run, so aim to make it as good as the last, if not better! Over the weekend, we plan to host a whole range of different activities, all around the game we love – Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

Last year, we had a blast, with guest interviews from Thom, Mike and Doug, GM’d games, an Artemis Race event, among other things . If you want to get an idea of what is coming up, take a look at the broadcasts on our YouTube channel here:

TSN Armada Online 2020 – YouTube

You can also watch one of last year’s broadcasts here!


Check out the events we have planned for this year’s TSN Armada Online! Keep checking back, as we’ll be adding more details here on the run up to the Armada weekend!

Operation: Write-Off (Artemis SSBS Mission Scripting Competition)

Make sure you have your missions submitted by 26th March 2021

Last year, we had a great time playing through mission scripts submitted by the community. This year, we are running the mission scripting competition once again. For all the details, check out the following document and see how you can take part.


Game Mastered Games

Over the weekend, our experienced game masters are going to be on-hand to run special game mastered games for you and your crew. They have hours of experience creating interesting and engaging missions, and are putting that to use by organising and providing you with some brilliant stories and exciting missions to have a go at. Each mission will be tailored to your crew and created then and there by the game master for a truly unique experience.

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