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Welcome to the TSN Armada Online! Here you can find all the information about the TSN Armada Online weekend, held on 2nd and 3rd May, 2020.

Over the weekend, we hosted a whole range of different events, and broadcast them live to our TSN RP Community YouTube channel. Take a look at the live broadcasts that we created!



Over the weekend, we are going to hosting a whole range of scheduled events for you to join in with. We have plenty of opportunities for playing Artemis over the weekend, with members of the TSN lined up and ready to give you a hand getting a server set up and your crew together. We also have a range of different things going on as well, including live broadcasts, special racing events, and a weekend game-mastered, story campaign. Our plans include two types of events – participation events allowing crews to sign up and get involved, and live broadcasts to listen with special guests from the Artemis Community. Find out more about each event below!

Participation Events

During the weekend, you can join any of the participation events, whether you are jumping on alone, or joining as a group. TSN RP Community members will help you get organised into bridge crews during the participation events, and will send you details of how to connect to Artemis servers.

Armada Atlantis Campaign

The Atlantis campaign has been written by our dedicated game masters, especially for the Armada weekend. Join forces with other crews to play out the continuing story, as the TSN attempts to retake the Atlantis system after it has been overrun by the Hegemony.

Each mission will advance the story, allowing crews to play a pivotal role in liberating the Atlantis. Run by TSN RP Community game masters, the missions are set to be full of action and adventure in the Artemis Universe.

TSN Racing

Try out something new in Artemis! The TSN Racing event will be turning the game into a race event, where crews of two or three participants race around a course to be the fastest ship. There are both standard races, requiring a skilled helm and engineer to successfully complete the race, or the more advanced races, which add a navigational challenge for crews as well.

You can find further details and rules here:

Mission Scripting Competition

We are calling on all mission script writers from across the Artemis Community to send us their best mission scripts! Whether it is a brand new script, or one that has been updated for the latest Artemis release, we are looking for those scripts that aim to engage and challenge crews of all abilities. All the submitted scripts will be played through by an experienced team of TSN RP Community members and then evaluated, with the winning script being announced during a live broadcast over the Armada weekend.

If you want to know more about the competition, check out this documents:

Game Mastered Games

Over the weekend, our experienced game masters are going to be on-hand to run special game mastered games for you and your crew. They have hours of experience creating interesting and engaging missions, and are putting that to use by organising and providing you with some brilliant stories and exciting missions to have a go at. Each mission will be tailored to your crew and created then and there by the game master for a truly unique experience.

Live Panels

In addition to the participation events, we also have a number of live panels. These panels will be broadcast on our TSN RP Community YouTube channel, and you can tune in and listen in to each one. Find out more about what we have planned below!

A sit down with…

We have lined up a whole range of guests from the Artemis Community to join us over the weekend. You’ll have the opportunity to listen in to the broadcast, where we will be taking questions gathered over the weeks and posing them to our special guests. You’ll also be able to join in the chat during each panel and send in questions throughout the broadcast! The guest we have lined up are:

Doug Reichard

Doug has been responsible for the production of many of the Artemis Community videos found on the Artemis SSBS YouTube account and will be joining us to talk through what tech he uses how he goes about producing each video.

Mike Substelny

If you are interested in the lore and background of the Artemis universe, then you’ll definitely want to listen in to our meeting with Mike! Over the years, he has developed much of the Artemis canon, and will be joining us to talk about the stories and games he has invented over the years.

Thom Robertson

Thom, the creator of Artemis SSBS will be joining us to talk about the how he went about designing the game, and what he has planned for the future. It is going to be a brilliant opportunity to find out some more details about his plans!

The TSN Sandbox – Building a galaxy

Join us for a live mission scripting broadcast, where we delve into the TSN RP Community’s TSN Sandbox. You will be able to get a closer look at the inner workings of the sandbox, and see first hand how new features are created and added to the script. During the live chat, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about the Sandbox and find out more about how it has been developed over the years.

Mission Scripting

Mike Substelny will be joining us again, along with Darrin from the Artemis Community, to talk about mission scripting. We’ll be chatting about what goes in to making a great mission script, as well as the mission scripts planned for the next Artemis Armada event.

Mission Scripting Competition – The Results

After playing through each of the submitted mission scripts, we’ll be conducting a live broadcast with the bridge crew and talking about what we thought about each script. At the end, we’ll announce the winning mission script live!

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