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// I suppose it could be full VR. This mechanism was inspired by Paragon Chat, an app that uses the old City of Heroes game client to link clients up through XMPP chat services. In effect you can still enter the 3D game world and see other players’ avatars and chat with them including all the avatar emotes. You can also travel around the maps and use all the old locations and scenery. Just no bad guys and combat powers. Adding Teamspeak makes it more fluid (for folks who weren’t already using TS back then). I was assuming that we could talk fluidly and that our facial expressions would be captured. I think I visualised looking at everyone else on a screen though. I did endeavour to construct this mnemonic circuit using stone knives and bearskins, after all.

Blaze is using text balloons because he cobbled together his own client from an awkward location 🙂

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