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The terms used for the TSN are heading, for the direction of travel and jump bearing for the jump computer. It should already be standard practise to use the term heading to say which why the ship should travel (if this is not, then people need to read up on it! It has been practise for a long time now)

I am aware of all the work that has gone in to documenting jump tactics and strategy, and it is impressive. Much of the theory is sound and works and matches what I did when I commanded a TSN jump ship a couple of years ago.

Recently I have been working with a couple of officers to bring them up to speed on using a jump ship and and happy with the crews I have been working with.

O% to 100%-300%, this can change as some times a shorter jump needs less power while a longer jump needs less power Slate has a graph explaining it,

We need to take in to account our energy efficiency values for this as that will change this graph.

1. Science or Jumpmaster gives Facing, Barring, and Direction(In that order).

Standard protocol for the TSN is for the captain to state these.

There are a couple of other points about the process too. For example, helm sets the coordinates but doesn’t confirm until told to jump. This is because sometimes you need to tweak the value by one up or down at the last second. The command then is initiate, telling both engineering to boost power and helm to confirm and initiate.

When I have the opportunity,I will record a TSN jump crew operating the ship and write up standardised protocols. Note: this will not be theory or tactics, just protocols for who does what and terminology. This is improtant in our group as it needs to be consistent. Officers tranferring form one ship to the next need to be using the same terminology and protocols and have the same understanding at all times. Each crew behaves differently, but these are the fubdamentals that we build upon.

I went through the same process of trail and error with my own crew (pre-TSN) and we became exceptionally good with a TSN jump ship. The only thing that has changed since then and now is the Ximni’s ‘quick jump’ and long range beams adding a couple more tactical opportunities to harness.