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John van Leigh

It seems presumptuous to quibble about terminology when people have already put a lot of effort and love into working something out.

//I’m sorry, but Slate herself is one of the three or four big names when it comes to jump theory (all of which coincide on the importance of being absolutely clear). Also, as of last week she became the first full-time jump drive captain of the USN (and of the big RPs), which is farther than all the other big names we had. I only kept an eye on all those projects, Blacklocke’s, Rew’s and Slate-Feil’s, and I admire all the work they all put, because it means this is as close to perfecting as can be right now.

For my experience in a couple of Slate’s test, the importance of drilling can’t possibly be stressed enough. As someone who spent all of his time polishing warp tactics, I was (am) totally unprepared for the finesse needed at all times, but it was clearly possible to produce results.