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Adele Mundy

//aha, I’ve come up with an in-character way to explain how an erased log might be restored.//

Mundy’s log, 23416-2237, supplemental:

There is, of course, a way to keep a log, with neither the datapad nor old-fashioned pen and paper, and I should have thought of this before. To make life easier for myself, since I’m so out of practice, I’ll actually keep the list of loci in my datapad, one per paragraph:
1. The Rotunda, facing South: the door to the drawing room
2. The door opens. Turning right, the stone fireplace
3. Carved on the mantlepiece, the Periodic Table of the Elements
4. On the left of the fireplace, a green leather armchair
5. Beside the armchair, a small table
6. On the table, my mother’s datapad, with the scuffed cover
7. On the right of the fireplace, a matching armchair; its left arm scratched by The Little Horror’s shoe-buckles when he was two
8. Between the armchairs, a rug with an intricate design of intertwining leaves and branches
9. On the rug, an oval tea table
10. On the tea table, a white china teapot and two matching cups
11. Facing the wall opposite the fireplace, a writing desk
12. Inside the writing desk, an inkwell, with black ink in it
13. Beside the inkwell, several fountain pens and one actual quill pen – never used
14. Beside the pens, a dozen sheets of white paper – also never used
15. Above the writing desk, a watercolour of the Sussex Downs
16. Beside the writing desk, a large, arched window, looking out over the rose garden
17. On the other side of the window, a dainty armchair upholstered in rose damask
18. Beside the armchair, a cabinet
19. On the cabinet, a silver tray with three crystal decanters
20. Under the cabinet, one of The Little Horror’s toy guns.

Well, that was easy… Didn’t even get half way through the room. Let’s see how long the contents stick to the loci. This should get better with practice, and while we’re exiled, I won’t be short of practice.

[end log]