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In our sims, Slate and I used Facing for the direction of the ship, and then Barring and Distance because that is what the helm puts into the jump commands.
Then Initialize said out by Helm to let Engineering know to boost the drive from O% to 100%-300%, this can change as some times a shorter jump needs less power while a longer jump needs less power Slate has a graph explaining it, Engineering gives an affirmative to say they’ve powered the drive.
This affirmative word or phrase can be something that the Helm and Engineer agree on together. Popular ones are “Drive Boosted” “Jump is go” or my favorite “Go Go GO!”.
We prefer phrases instead of single words as they can help to cut through cross talk so the Helm knows it’s their turn.
Helm hits the confirm button and says out loud that they’ve done it.
This is Engineering’s queue to take all the power back out of the jump drive.
Helm can then begin the count down. At 300% in a Xim ship it should be Five seconds between the confirm and transition back to real space at the destination.

So to simplify what I said.
1. Science or Jumpmaster gives Facing, Barring, and Direction(In that order).
2. Helm confirms Facing, Barring, and Direction; Makes corrections if needed. Gets the coordinates inputted.
3. Helm hits Initialize and says out loud “Initializing Jump”.
4. Engineering gives powers drive and informs Helm. Example “Go Go Go!”
5. Helm hits Confirm in jump command and says out loud “Confirming Jump”
6. Engineering drops power in drive to 0% and manages power for situation. Example: if combat jump restores power to beams and shields. If not, puts a single coolant into jump drive and leaves ship with sensors, maneuvering, and impulse powered.
7. Helm counts down the jump timer.

steps 3,4,5,6, and 7 should be happening within 5 seconds.