Reply To: The Hjorden


I have been taking liberties with the facilities aboard Hjorden S-12 in The Bar RP. Do we need a definitive few facts about it? I ran with the idea of the Hjorden having a Terran-facing tourist facility to build on the above canon flavour. Then I realized that a station called S-12 was probably a Science research outpost. I rationalized it as having decent tourist facilities as maybe it is on a passenger liner route? And then imagined zero-g gardens hanging high above an atrium like space with an “open air” restaurant patio overlooking a pool. So maybe they are researching native Hjorden species adaptation for export and supplying other Hjorden outposts. That would also tie in with the consignment of Hjorden ale, grain and yeast I built into a log a few weeks back, viz. the trade route of ECS Asia. I wanted to check in with the group before I go too far and I further want to commit to doing this earlier in any future development 🙂

Belatedly it occurred to me that I could install the sandbox and go look up the S-12 station to confirm it was Science.

Do we have or is it contemplated to have, a gazetteer in the Universe, Library or on something like a wiki, to capture facts, descriptions etc about places as they get defined?