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//Thanks for the praise, Matsiyan. Knowing that people are enjoying my version of events pushes me to write them out and take part in the extended RP of the board.
I noticed most people talked instead about the loss of the Phoenix or the arrest of Xavier, and not their thoughts on the doomsday device that is in no small part to blame for everything.
So I decided to throw my two cents in.

I’m almost glad I put off working on it as long as I did. I wouldn’t have had the bit of the ‘wave of mines’ to add if I hadn’t read it somewhere else. The thing about a man made pulsar came to me in the heat of the moment when writing the effect of the weapon and trying to compare it to a natural phenomenon of incredible destructive power.

Though I think I helmed on the Phoenix in a mission once or twice. She was a good ship and I hope her name will outlive her. Long live the Phoenix A, long live Fire Peep the Daughter of Fire Chicken .

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