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Thank you, Captain Evans. I hope there won’t be a problem with the paperwork I submitted to claim the coffee maker from the Hunter refit. It is my property after all. The inventory sergeant didn’t seem to think it would be a problem. Sorry if it is adding to your inbox. But that is the reason for the treat. Well that and serving with old shipmates again. I was hoping they would drop by the bar so we could celebrate.

Yes, Ma’am, Lieutenant Mundy. It is a trifle extravagant, but I am fortunate not to be entirely restricted to Navy pay at all times and I was hoping to share the largesse. If it would not be considered improper conduct towards a senior officer, might I offer you and the captain a dessert or a drink? There is no favouritism involved tonight. I am splurging.

Deck 13? Oh yes, I did notice that bulkhead was sealed, but I wasn’t heading in that direction. Now you mention it, I did see a couple of cadets chatting very cheerfully with one of the Supply Warrant Officers, but they were trying hard not to be overheard. Isn’t the old biology lecture theatre down there? I thought it was scheduled for reworking into an extension of hydroponics. Maybe they are planning a bit of a rave before work gets underway. It would be a fairly harmless way of letting off steam.

Commander, do you know why cadets might be impressed with your lung capacity?