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Another thought — a true dogfight sim against Arvonian fighters, ideally including variations of one-on-one and two-on-two (wingman tactics). In particular, getting behind and staying on the tail of an Arvonian fighter will be a real test of flying skill.

I’m also curious to know if Arvonians will use three dimensions if we do, or if they will just fly about the center plane and wait for us to return to it. (//I suspect the latter, as I imagine programming 3D tactics would be exceptionally difficult, but the possibility of an Arvonian strafing run along the Z axis really should be something our ship commanders fear.)

Another idea, I wonder if our ship computers someday could project a new “elevation” version of the tactical display, to get a sense of the relative elevation of things. The view would be fixed on the coordinates of the main ship but adjustable to Forward/Port/Aft/Starbord, just like the various “viewscreen” options — but this elevation view is only available to the CAG/science station (if Arvonians develop 3D tactics, all science officers will need it). I’m sure the folks at R&D already have a lot on their plate fine-tuning the fighter, but CAG certainly could use that information to complement the existing tactical view on the X-Y plane.

Finally, I wonder how difficult it would be to enable a new “vectoring” function for CAG, which would generate on demand the fighter-specific vector to a target, be it an enemy or home. As I envision it, CAG’s display would have a new “vector” button. To vector a fighter to somewhere, CAG selects the fighter, presses the “vector” button, and then selects the target. The view would then change the standard, “current vector

    from me

” data with a “projected vector

    from the fighter’s location

” data (“F133, your vector home is 223 mark -210, range 7k”). Selecting another item on the view clears the vector data. That would solve the problem of the fighter flying over/under the target without seeing it. Of course, I expect all science stations would benefit just from changing 2D vectors to 3D vectors.

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