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Now, I have just had a thought. In the TSN expansion, we have added a gate model. They are rings floating in space (if you like watching the view screen, you may have spotted them). I can set up a course pretty quickly in a mission script that puts theses rings one after another and form a circuit to fly through.

I’ll have an experiment later and see if I can get it added to the training sim. The first test for pilots will be flying through the course accurately.

Ship recongnition sounds important too. If people can use a fighter to fly around enemy ships and take screenshots, we could use the images in training and for a test. We need the standard top, side, front and rear shots of enemy ship, some notes of discernable features to look out for, then loads of pictures from different angles. It would take a long time for me to do that,so if a couple of people could pick up the task and compile the images for a Ship Recognition manual, I can knock up an official document template to use to record it all. I did start something a couple of years ago that I could modify.