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Jemel Eahain

INT>PERSN>RCRDS> Request excerpt from non classified record 98265981234;01295734

star date 122014-2236
Cadet Jemel Eahain aboard Promethean command,

examination suite 2, Damn i hate tests.

I sat in the examination chair sweating profusely, I had never liked taking tests and this was a biggy, the final written exam as a cadet,
after basic training I was shipped hear to pick up real experience before the final assessments,
I had to serve on all the different stations aboard a division ship before I could take the written exam.
As a commissioned officer your expected to be able to do any job on the bridge not just your specialty.
I thought it had went well, that was until the examination officer who also happened to be the division commander started asking question about my test paper,
it became blaringly obvious that all though I had answered all the questions, I had not answered them fully.
more annoyingly it was not things I didn’t know on the contrary my service in the tsn shipyards meant my head was a encyclopedia of ship systems and protocol, nerves had blanked my mind.
I answered the examination officers questions and he seemed happy with the answers,
“in my opinion you meet the required standard needed to pass this examination” he stated, “you will be promoted to acting ensign and given a permanent assignment in due course,you are dismissed”
I got up saluted , thanked captain xavier and got out of there sharpish.
that had been close, almost failed at the first hurdle.
later on that duty shift I was given my fist permanent assignment,
the TSN Pegasus under Commander Feltes.