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Blaze Strife

Commander Verok, captain of TSN Dauntless, raises his hand. CAG sees the movement, as prepares to relay the order. Then the Commander says: “______”

  • Launch the Fighters!
  • Launch the Arrows!
  • Launch the Spears!
  • Release the Fighters!
  • Release the Arrows!
  • Release the Spears!
  • Release the Kraken!
  • Unleash the Fighters!
  • Unleash the Arrows!
  • Unleash the Spears!
  • Unleash hell!

Which one do you think is the best? Anything else? If the Fighters are represented as Spears or Arrows, they (in a way) become the spears or arrows of the Division, and can be called as such.

//P.S. I’ve added two lines from movies in there, couldn’t resist…