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Gabriel Wade

Very cool, but we need to consider the polygonal shapes used for our ship insignia… They were originally meant to represent different types of ships… Circle for scout, One type of shield for Light Cruisers, another for Battleships, and Octagons for Battlecruisers (When the Hydra converted to a Missile Cruiser we simply changed the lettering on the insignia for a quick fix). The Pentagon I came up with for the Interceptor when we incorporated that as a permanent ship, the Lancer. If we follow the same convention, then we need to come up with 2 new insignia borders: one for the missle cruiser, which the Phoenix is converting to, and one for the escort carrier.

OR if you guys want to forgo that convention and just let each ship’s logo be what it’s gonna be, I’m fine with that. 🙂

Having said all that, AWESOME job on the logo, Quinn! Top notch work and I like the imagery! 😀