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//@blaze you are completely correct. Personal logs are private records dictated by people to a computer and accessible only by the author, legal overides presumably for security or medical reasons and by hackers.

It would be sad however not to discuss sometimes and it is almost impossible not to inject one’s own character viewpoint, though I guess we could make an effort to refer to our own characters in the third person more often. It my head, I rationalize it as the kind of discussion that might emerge in the bar.

Speaking of which, the Wardroom forum is the place for in character RP discussions. The wardroom is the lounge/living room/common room for officers below the rank of Captain (note that the officer in charge of a ship is for all intents and purposes a captain, even if he holds a lower rank).

It tends to be used for very formal topics which is actually incorrect. The wardroom should be for off-duty conversation.

Shall we try to get some RP threads going there?