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Adele Mundy

//The psychic ability started as a joke, because Matsiyan and I are in the same room, so even though we’re on different ships I know what’s going on wherever he is. When things get really busy there’s no time to look at his screens, and I try to tune out his conversatio, but when thigs are more relaxed it’s easy to keep track of events on his ship. So rather than pretend I don’t know, we decided there was a psychic link. It isn’t really powerful (though I can make pretty good guesses about what he’s thinking and what he’s going to do, that just comes from knowing each other for a long time!), but it can be a fun quirk.
//As for elaborating on it, I was thinking about it recently, it just hasn’t come up as something to write about in logs.

//Yes indeed! Three hits! There are two more, word for word quotations from books…