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Adele Mundy

//@Blaze, yes, those sessions took place last Monday and Wednesday respectively.
On Monday we met up with Mike and Patty Substelny, who were in Phoenix for a business convention. They are friends with the designer of Artemis, and they take part in the Armada Artemis convention every year in Cleveland. Patty was the Admiral in charge of the TSN crews last year, Mike set up the Con-wide LARP. They will be doing something similar at this year’s Armada. The results of the LARP become part of official TSN canon.
On Wednesday we went to a pub that does different game nights; a guy we had met playing Artemis at Phoenix ComiCon last year had set up two bridges for an Artemis game night, quite a few people turned up to play and we tried to encourage them to find out more about this community. Perhaps after Matsuri some might come to our house on a Saturday to try out a TSN shift.
And in case anyone was wondering, we own a blue Toyota Yaris with a Serenity decal on the back, hence the shuttle’s name 🙂