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Jemel Eahain

ship size and crew has been a long standing discussion in and out of the rp group, originally the light cruisers is meant to be 100m long 50m wide with a crew of 60 to 80 personal i think xaviors number on this site come straight from mike who written all the “official” back story.
many wished they ships were galaxy class in size and had all manner of things in side from hydroponic labs and several bars to holo decks. considering the game mechanics and the short range of tsn vessels would we have all these things straight out of star trek ? probably not, a simple galley with a couple cooks would be the only luxury other than your own bunk in a shared room.

its only in the last months or so with the energy mod coming in that going on long range patrols away from stations has been fesable.
before that ships were dependent on staying near populated areas for re supply,

oh and transporters senior command has always shied away from transporters as much as possible and preferred shuttles etc but as we dont have a list up with what tec we have and dont have(*) so people just went with what they know from sci fi fiction so transporters kept coming back.
(*its my fault cause i got half way through said list and never went back to it)