Reply To: TSN Hawk


Not a mine Mundy, caltrons.
I was humbly preparing for beam engagement when our rear just blew up. I guess at least one of the caltrons was one of those dodecahedrons or what they’re called. But I don’t really know, I lost both hearing and seeing in that initial blast. Glad we came out of that inferno , and very thankful for the fleet’s quick response covering our… well – not so much of a donkey left to cover.

Some brave souls did not come alive out if it though:

Epiphany Connelly
Colum de Fiore
Tadas Gorman
Lotte Knutsson
Randi Kovac
Nicomedes Mallory
Siavash Murtas
Ataahua Quickley
Floris Petrovic
Linus Plaskett
Gun Siena
Lykourgos Stacks
Heidrun Thorpe

Rest in peace!