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Gabriel Wade

I agree with everything in your post Allard. Your solutions to the problems you presented are spot on.

The structure would then be as follows:

Standard crew for carrier plus SWACs/CAG at 2nd Console focused on fighters giving them estimated relative bearings to targets and marking targets via relative position. I.e. “Target is 2nd from left” or something along those lines.

Flight Lead gives orders to Flight pilots based on situation. One example would be that a pilot calls out “Integrity 50%!”, the Flight lead could either order them to stay in the fight or return home.

As far as friendly designations not showing up and switching up based on people panicking and hitting a button, a way we could bypass that is to not worry about which numbered fighter we take.

We can do a couple of things or a combination of both that I’m about to suggest.

For one, if we narrow down a squadron name and number, like “73rd Fighter Squadron – 4th Light Sabers” (see what I did there? :P) then we could go with designations such as “Saber Leader” for flight lead and then “Saber 1” through “Saber 5” for the rest of the flight.

Another option would be that each person would choose a call sign, kinda like we did the other night with Jemel as “Higlander”, Allard as “Gambler”, Kenon as “Hotdog”, and myself as “Ronin”.

We could also use the chosen call signs for those that have them and then the flight designations for those who come in new that don’t have them.

However, the SWACs/CAG still sees the fighters by their in-game designations, so organizing via that manner will present a hurtle.

Perhaps we still need to do our best to work out a launch order. I know it presents quite a challenge when we’re trying to scramble fighters quickly, but in order to keep organization together, it may be a necessary inconvenience. I’m thinking we start at the bottom and work our way up like we did during the last duty shift, but call out the ship number we’re taking when we do so. Of course, implementing this really depends on how much of a need there really is for the SWACs/CAG to communicate with individual fighters.