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John van Leigh

//CAG is for Commander, Air Group, the designation for the officer in charge of a fighter wing.

Cadet Blaze asked to be sent to the Hydra. I’m not sure of the protocol on this, but I sent him over.

Instead of giving you a straight answer, I’m gonna justify you and then play Devil’s advocate. As the DO, you have the right to apply your discretion when moving around unassigned people, so, should you receive a request from the Cadet, you can accept it or reject it with or without any reason (even though in this particular case, I’m glad you did, having a cadet actually remembering to lower and raise shields is the equivalent of finding actual tea leaves in the mess hall). Then again, a cadet is supposed to get a larger sample of command styles, procedures, ship classes, and different crews, in order to allow for him to be informed the day he has to file for a permanent assignment.