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Going back to food replicators and transporters. I notice that we specify the use of shuttles much more often. Transporters may be available and reliable but I suspect they chew more energy than primary beams and probably require enormous maintenance for reliability (rather like helicopters). The military rely on helicopters for combat very heavily, but the cost is so high that they do not use them frivolously for other purposes.

Maybe it is possible to replicate food using enrgy-to-matter conversion but it is probably prohibitively expensive. But the 3D printing solution may be much lower cost than carrying common food items. Food however is notoriously difficult to synthesize for tatse. It is probably very good, because soldiers mutiny otherwise, but it is an easy thing to gripe about.

Having said which, if we have the technical capability and the energy budget for transporters, then it is very difficult to believe anyone needs to share a room. Though it might be fun to apply that to ensigns and below 🙂