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Again, having the role termed sci/comms is something we will be moving away from as it isn’t clear what the role is. The science role is different to the comms role. I used to have an experienced comms officer, who was incredibly effective at coordinating allies. They used the science screen for situational awareness only, and the comms screen to communicate with the allied ships.

What we need to do is ensure that the ship leading the mission or operation is fully staffed (or as close to it as possible). That ship should be the one coordinating the allied ships as the captain coordinating everythig can order comms to direct the allies as needed. Last night, I was ordering our cadet to direct the allies. I was also ordering our own ships to different positions, and figuring out where ships would be and what they were combating. It wasnt perfect, but we made some good use of allies, delaying or weakened or destroying heavy enemy formations. Having the overall view of the battle and communicating what the allies needed to do as part of that view ment I needed to talk to that comms officer directly. This is how I used to work it when I had Silver, and how Aramond and I have worked it too.

For a standard comms officer on another ship, to avoid conflict they could either be incharge of non-combat allies, or just doing the basics. This is where that comms officer can double up on science to fulfil both those roles.

Just a note too, I am sure there are some protocols written out, or a training document. When I have chance I’ll see of I can dig it out.

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