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John van Leigh

//I did authorize music while in mission a couple of times, and some others I brought the music myself. Nothing like playing Sibelius during a slow patrol run, or entering combat with Shostakovich. Still, I need to work on a way to stop my music bot from whispering on top of me.

Still, light ships, like a scout or an interceptor, tend to have more unconventional crews. I think it comes from the feel you get: if you want to survive in one of those you have to become more open minded when it comes to tactics, and it reflects on crew interactions.

I do try to cultivate the image of an excentric officer on purpose. My choice of methods is agressive and differs a lot from the other senior officers, and I find that, partly because of the aforementioned reason, acting weird myself makes a crew less relunctant to do something counterintuitive. Besides, as I don’t really care to approve individual actions that my officers believe necessary to ensure the survival of the ship (it’s their job to think about those, therefore it’s their call until they start to compromise the mission too much), I think that minimizing adherence to protocol produces better results for me. Other captains have different styles of command that emphasize other attitudes, leading to different “feels” from different crews.