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Generally speaking there is no DJ 🙂 Mundy’s experience aboard Hawk/Valiant is an exception. The only other time I recall music in a mission is one time when Lancer was waiting at a station for the battlegroup lead to authorize departure and Commander Jemel had us play some elevator music for a few moments to highlight the fact. But you do have to be careful with Aposine. He will play stuff at obnoxious volume at the drop of a hat 🙂

Fancy flying occurs more for scouting solo missions and both Lancer and Hydra have to manoeuvre carefully given their weapons. I am not a fan of the race back to command station. It was funny once or twice, and it is something I can see a maverick scout captain doing, happily egged on by an engineer keen to see his ship gain kudos. But ploughing through minefields or endangering station traffic crosses the line and breaks the RP for me. Acceptable in a sim maybe, when intership coordination is no longer needed.