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John van Leigh

//Goddamnit, Dante.

Xavier is right with this one, still. We are talking about a cadet on weapons that was, indeed, forced by a situtation that was beyond what an officer that junior could possibly comprehend (and this comes beyond mere ability: the only way of knowing what’s normal for us is through experience) by his CO, who, by all means, should be the highest authority on his ship.

And that CO was Expree, of all people. As a matter of principle I never praise anyone I’m not comfortable criticizing as well, and yet I can say that he is one of the best people I served with. Hell, I would have hesitated before questioning him, and even then I would have shot to cripple instead of dowright countermanding him.

We had a similar instance on Lancer a couple of weeks ago, when I picked a pop-up on Science that said a pirate axe we were engaging was about to overload. The obvious order was to get out as soon as possible, and yet our helm officer hesitated. Aposine is a competent one, and his hesitation was justified (as he didn’t have the same information I had), despite the fact that we served together for a long time, not only here but on the old USN as well. Jemel supported my order because, even when we have significant differences on method and theory, we trust each other as CO and XO to produce results; and Lancer managed to pull out on time.

Unexpected situations trigger very interesting crew dynamics. The Schrödinger incident was an unfortunate side of it, but discipline serves an important purpose. The ultimate responsibility of what happens under Expree’s command is Expree’s, even though this was out of his hands. Shit happens. And even with the benefit of hindsight, I’d trust him again if I were there.