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// That’s the difference of expectations for an XO. With the experience, you not only should be able to follow orders, but understand them too.

Junior officers should be able to follow orders (it takes a lot of discipline to do so!) and trust their commander. In this instance, it shows that the crew is well trained and disciplined. The last thing you want is an officer questioning an order in a critical situation, which it very well could have been. Those officers followed their orders because a commander ordered it. For all they knew, Expree had suddenly discovered something critical about the Schrodinger and needed it destroyed. Had he been justified, he would have been cleared easily. In that regard, it shows how well crews work and respond to orders and how they trust their commander.

An XO should be listening carefully though and understand the orders being given. They should begin to spot when the commander is doing something that is odd (as they will know them pretty well I reckon). The Schrodinger incident was caused because the ship’s XO wasn’t there to question the order, not because the crew did the wrong thing.

In summary – we blame you Dante!