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Last night, I took the opportunity to try out an idea for communicating with command and control.

Basically, when I called to command and control, I held down the whisper key for C&C AND for Channel Commanders, starting my communication with “Command and Control, this is TSN Raven”.

After that opening, I released the Channel Commanders’ whisper key, but continued to hold down the whisper key to C&C to relay the rest of my message. When I had finished talking to C&C and they had finished talking to me, I held down BOTH the whisper keys for Command and Control AND for Channel Commanders and ended my communication with “Command & Control, TSN Raven out.”

This seemed to work pretty well – it didn’t interrupt crews, just informed the captain of the ship that I was “busy” talking to command and control. The captains then knew I had finished by the way I ended the message.

For communication from the flag ship to command and control, this seemed to work well. I think reversing the process for command and control to speak to the flag ship should be a simple way for C&C officers to initiate comms, i.e. they would state “TSN Raven this is Command and Control,” over both whisper to the TSN Raven and to Channel Commanders.

The main thing with this method is that it was quick, efficient and informative for captains.