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One – This would be the best if we didn’t want to make any major changes to how the ships are run. It would certainly give the “sender” more assurance that their message was heard the first time around.

Two & Three – These are actually the ones that I’m leaning more towards, and could both be in practice, depending on the situation. If all C&C wants to do is relay information, that could be left with Commms, who would then give it to the flag captain at the opportune time. If C&C wants to get a dialogue going, then Comms playing secretary and putting command “on hold” would work as well. (Also, the mental image of Leonard listening to muzak tickles me) The only thing is that the Comms officers will need to make sure that they have their whisper keys up to date before the start of a mission.

Four – I’m not a fan of this one. It seems like this would just create even more comms chatter than there is already.