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As a helm officer I am all for flying in tight formation. Without any extra training, we could execute this by simply increasing communication from the lead ship. If all ships form up on the Raven, for instance, their CO (or XO even) would announce to all ships, “prepare to execute warp one on my mark,” so all helm officers can be prepared. That way we don’t lose formation as soon as we go to warp, as we always seem to. Increasing warp factor would be executed in similar fashion, so we don’t end up with the lead ship leaving the rest behind *coughAllardcough* 🙂

It’s somewhat difficult now that we have ships with such different speeds, but I still think it’s doable to match speeds. On the Hydra, for instance we’ve noticed that if Engineering increases warp power to 130%, we can match the rest of the fleet. I’d imagine the Lancer has also figured out what percentage they need to reduce to to match as well.

Also, I am super excited to hear about advanced helm training, for the record!