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Gabriel Wade

I very much understand where you’re coming from Fulvus, however in reality there isn’t a way to separate the two effectively, because of the fact that 2 Greek letters are irremovable parts of the NATO/phonetic alphabet; Alpha and Delta. Delta is one of our primary combat orders and maneuvers. I suppose you could rename the maneuvers, but then I believe you’re talking about a lot more work and re-memorization rather than simply memorizing what we already have in place and knowing the differences based on context.

The reality is that we simply need the Division as a whole to be keenly aware of the situation we are in, and be sure that the COs and XOs are clearly communicating their orders, being sure that they are clearly identifying Combat Orders, Fleet Orders, and in light of our Fleet Captain’s most recent post, Fleet Formations (all of which our COs and XOs already do a fine job of, we simply need to retain the high standard). When giving the order, be as clear as possible in communicating it to your crew. When hearing or receiving an order, evaluate the situation and understand the context in order to better understand the intention conveyed by the ship’s Captain through the order. If you don’t understand the order or the context, ask for clarification; a delayed but proper execution is better than a botched one.

However, to get back on topic, the proposal of the addition of the Epsilon Maneuvers has gained some positive reception, both here and out of forums. Any more feedback on them?