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Gabriel Wade

Sorry it’s taken a bit for me to get back to this!

So, so far we’re envisioning fairly tight spaces, not unlike modern naval vessels and submarines. Not necessarily unlivable quarters, but not roomy by any means. And hallways and corridors being just large enough for say, 2 people to move through. And each ship would have essentially 3 decks (the 2 extra “decks” on the light cruisers and the like would essentially be like Jefferies tubes to access certain components).

I would think that a lighter blue would be a good color to have as the primary plating, wall, and bulkhead color, as any shade of green, save an -extremely- pale one, would feel almost “alien”, though I may have to look at some shades and see what might work. I would think you’d want darker shades of green and blue for certain accents, like seat cushions, bunks, and panel and bulkhead accents. And of course you would have yellow and red for warning signs and such.

I also like the idea of this 3D printer, or fabricator, even more with the use of strings of proteins and carbohydrates to synthesize or fabricate food. Something that should be addressed, however, is transporters. There are several areas in our RP and documentation where we’ve made use of them, particularly for the transport of personnel. So the question is, do we have them, or not? And if we have them, that means we have the ability to convert matter to energy, and then reconvert. And if that’s the case, there’s no saying we couldn’t rearrange and re-sequence that matter into other forms of matter (such as replicators on Star Trek). And if that’s the case, then why would we still use something along the lines of an advanced fabricator when we could just rearrange the matter? Perhaps the transporter uses a decent amount of energy that we couldn’t justify using for everyday things like creating meals and such?

Also, do we have any kind of holographic technology? I don’t get the impression our technology’s quite there, or at least not focused in that direction. More practical and utilitarian.

As far as living quarters I’d say we’d want 2 people per quarters, with bunks and perhaps a desk with chair and a utilitarian airmore for each of them, about 3m x 3m x 2.5m? Maybe a tad more? Captain’s Quarters would obviously be larger. Perhaps an extra meter or so in length and width?

We also have to think about what all facilities we have on board, what kind of equipment each facility would house, and how much space would be needed in each facility to house that equipment. The areas I can think of off the top of my head:

Galley (with kitchen and replicators/food fabricators)
Medical Bay (with basic visit rooms as well as surgical areas and very small bio labs)
Shuttle Bay (BARE minimum of 1 shuttle, but given size of our ships, no more than 2)
Armory (with small, practical firing range)
Engineering (potentially huge area compared to others on the ship)
Science Lab (optional, perhaps combined with Medical)
Ready Room (optional)
Cargo Holds (multiple throughout the ship, not in just 1 or 2 bays)
Communications/Stellar Cartography/Data Processing lab (a combined area for all of the above, basically a multi-function room with multiple computers and displays for reviewing various forms of data and information)
Transporter or Teleporter room (if we do indeed have such things)

A lot to consider, but things I think that should be thought about. Maybe when we’ve narrowed down more information a workable ship schematic/deck layout can be put together. The more solid ideas we have about our lifestyle and ship environments, the more consistent our RP can be! 🙂