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Mr. Remmick, that was full of interesting insights. I especially appreciated your sampling of various crew dynamics. It is very informative to see the Hawk/Hydra incident from both sides. Everyone is the hero of their own story. And speaking from the deck of the Lancer I can corroborate that operating a different class of ship does take some adjustment.

The N’tani are currently a nomadic people following the loss of their homeworld. They are technically capable and so were of great interest to the pirates for trade and logistical support. On the back of this and presumably some propaganda and misinformation, the N’tani were persuaded to side with the Grand Alliance between the pirates and the Hegemony forces in the recent campaign in the Cerberus system. At the conclusion of conflict, the N’tani made peace with the USFP in return for assistance with finding a new homeworld and support for their fleets in the interim.