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I have managed to get a program to edit the recordings we make during missions too. All I have used it for so far is to remove the periods of silence (last night I reduced the silence to 4s segments so there was still a pause).

Eventually, as we get better with radio comms and in game RP (mostly a matter of getting back intk it for me), these could be shared so people can listen in and those writing logs can listen back to them.

I’m using Audacity and I think I can record all my voice as well as what I hear as separate tracks. I might look at doing mission logs again (basically verbal mission briefs and updates like you’d get at the start of an episode of ST). We used to have a document detailing how to start and end them so we had a formal structure to them.

We could start audio logs too if people want. They can’t be stored on the website due to file sizes (we’d quickly use all our website space I think) but people could upload them to a youtube account. I am sure we could get some general graphics to overlay with the voice just for a background too and perhaps some background atmosphere noise (engines and such). There are sites on the net for this.

Anyway,thats a tangent!