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There were two missions completed yesterday. One was completed by the Lancer crew, infiltrating pirate space to gather intel. The second was the rest of the division, escorting a N’tani combat fleet across Promethean system.

The Raven lead the N’tani mission. We had to link up with N’tani forces in Promethean III. From there, we escorted them to secto XI, where Cronus gate is located as well as the forward command base. A number of pirates were encountered, along with several Unakalhai ships which were destroyed and prisoners and intel collected. One N’tani cargo fleet was encountered too, and was found to be carrying contraband items. It was directed to a nearby station to be dealt with.

Other than that, there were several simulations on sector defense (siege mode) as well as deep strike mode.

I look forward to reading your log entry!