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Sechatzal Race

Native to Khoros System

Amphibious race with a natural ability to cloak themselves from predators – combination of pseudo-exoskeleton and special organs in their skin which secrete a unique and complex combination of molecules at will that together effectively eliminate most EM emissions so long as they do not exceed an internal temperature threshold.

They primarily release excess heat through waste, but at will may choose to utilize their unique respiratory system to supplement when necessary. Their primary respiratory system is more analogous to gills in terrestrial fish than human lungs. They require oxygen, but instead of breathing in and out as humans do, they have a separate intake and an exhaust, as it were. Flagella inside their respiratory system both facilitate air movement and increase surface area for oxygen absorption.

Sechatzals have relatively long life cycle. Their average lifespan is approximately 200 earth standard years. A female can only support up to two offspring every fifteen years while she is fertile. Females reach adolescence around 25 years old, and are generally infertile by the age of 150. Due to their slow reproductive rates and other, mostly unknown, factors, the species has a very low population (ONI estimates of population indicate less than 2 million total).

ONI has been unable to directly analyze their vessels, but it is speculated that their vessels’ hulls are equipped with artificially-grown versions of their own stealth-molecule-secreting organs.