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… Routed by Comms relay 125…
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… Fleet wide broadcast…


The 4th LD forces have broken the famous pirate Mezzomorto out of jail.

According to the information received, the prison convoy departing from the Tilminra 4 sector was ambushed by the 4th LD traitors in the Tilminra 3 sector.

It is stated that there were prisoners belonging to the Hjorden, Hegemony, USFP races on the seized transport ships.

4th LD has released many prisoners of political, military and other crimes of these races.

But there is such a criminal among them that according to the information conveyed, a huge ship was allocated only to him. It was the well-known pirate Mezzomorto, who had terrorized the Neutral Zone.

It is thought that the 4th LD forces, who liberated Mezzomorto as a result of their attack, took the famous pirate to their side.

On the other hand, TSN forces continue to advance at full speed towards the Acantha gate and it appears they are ready to reassert domination of the Tilminra sector.