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… Routed by Comms relay 450…
… Received by Comms Relay 335…
… Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…


Notorious 4th LD forces attacked Sector 8 of the Tilminra System. Taking control of the stations in the sector and the Sumri gate, which means that 4th LD has also taken the fastest entry and exit gate into the system under control.

There are concerns for the lives of USFP and Neutral States citizens currently located at stations.

According to the statements, Adm.Pace’s fleet is being conveyed to the Acantha gate from the long way around.

As of now, the Acantha gate is the only gate to the Tilminra sector.

As it is known, it was learned that the Hjorden government was in treacherous undertakings in the past weeks and it was revealed that they were working together with the Hegemony forces.

On top of all this, Adm. Coates, who is thought to be a strong Hjorden sympathizer with the 4th LD forces under his command, attacked the TSN forces and fled to the Sumri System famous for its difficult terrain.