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Something starts to shuffle and rattle behind one of the Jefferies tubes entrance panels behind the bar.
Then a few hits on a metal are heard, followed by some inhuman grunts.
A moment of silence is replaced with a loud thud and the access panel is flying across the aisle behind the bar.
A weird humanlike creature is crawling out of the tube, very erratically. Doesnt have much coordination.

With a plenty of grunting, bumping into the sides, the creatuee finally manages to emerge from the tunnel. It tries to stand up on its legs, has to support itself by the bar.

Plenty of greasy, long hair is put aside from its face.

“What the hell?” Said groggily Lt. Raiden and looked around in a hazy, but also very angry state.
“Who put me there? How long was I out? What time is it?? This wasn’t a good joke!”
Then he caugh a reflection of himself in one of the mirrors and takes a pause.
“Ugh. I need to shave and shower.”
While he leaves shakily for the main corridor he managed to raise a hand in a warning tone and rather mumbled for himself “Fleet Captain will hear of this…” and left for his quarters.