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Joy Tetra

Joy enters the bar hesitantly, looking around with wide eyes. Yeah, this is the place the others mentioned, alright. She approaches the bar with a little more confidence.

Had Devin been joking about the pan-galactic gargle blasters? She doesn’t feel like finding out right now and orders a cider instead.

Drink in hand, Joy turns toward the room to find a spot, hesitating when she notices the other officers gathered at a table. Should she join them? She’s normally happy enough to approach pretty much anyone, but that was on shift, when communication was clearly guided by protocols that told her what to say and when to speak. But like this? And in such a tense situation, too…

“And I haven’t exactly been helping with that situation, either.”, she mutters under her breath.

With a deep sigh, she settles down at the bar, not quite brave enough to go sit with the others.