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Aideron Tivianne

Tivianne walks in, shaking his head and mumbling under his breath: “Man, that guy. Bad enough how he always belittles his nephew for no reason, but …” He cuts off, noticing Donovan at his table. Tivianne gets a drink from the bar, glad he doesn’t need to pay, then walks over.

“Hey Cap. Just got done collating all the sensor data you requested. Forwarded it to Das too, but there was nothing interesting, really. No anomalous readings or anything. Ran a diagnostic on sensors just in case, even the internal ones. All fine. So we’ve nothing to fear, I’m sure, so chin up.” He gives Donovan a reassuring smile and takes a seat.

“But I shouldn’t talk about this here, we all probably just want to get away for a bit. Garion, how’s things for you? ONI still making you do overtime?”