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His head buried in a pad full of Hegemoney comms traffic he had to analyse, Garion has been wandering through the station, he needed a break from staring at the blank piece of wall in front of his desk. The problem with living on a space station is the lack of space, everyone is crammed in like sardines. As he came round the corner before the bar he stopped and saw a Hjorden officer walking away angrily leaving Commander Tuor. He allowed intrigue to wash over him for a moment but soon refocused on the task at hand.

On a whim, Garion decided the bar was a good idea, perhaps a couple of drinks would loosen his mind to solving his current problem. He soon shut off the notion of an alcoholic drink, he was on duty.

As he walked in he nodded to Tuor and offered a smile, he had a tough job, and wasn’t going to make many friends but someone had to do it. He heard Donovan call out and chuckled, it had taken him a while to get used to not calling people by ranks in the bar. Unless they’re an Admiral, another lesson he had not learnt immediately.

“What can I get you” Damian’s voice brought him back to the real world.

“I’m still on duty, just some of that fizzy stuff you serve to the on-duty shuttle pilot.”

“Coming up!”

After a few moments the drink was placed in front of him he picked it up and scanned the room. He noticed Donovon alone at a table and walked over. He could do with a break from the work, and was due an official break on his duty shift.

“Mind if I join you? I could to with a break from this” he said waving the pad.