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I’d like to hear your ideas and view of what we have at the moment.

At this time, we are developing the next “Season” as it were. A season is basically a plan of episodes that create a story (think about it like a season on TV). Within each episode, there are specific events that occur that create the overall story, and these are broken down into key missions. When were are in the midst of these seasons, we try and create missions that allow for some more roleplay. These include missions where we don’t necessarily “win” the mission. Of course, these missions have to be carefully planned so that we don’t lose ships regularly (ships are treated like a character within the game, rather than just the ship you are on – you can’t kill them off without considering the consequences).

At the moment, we are in a bit of an “in-between” period – we aren’t really into a full season, but are instead progressing towards one.

I would love to hear your ideas on getting the roleplay going and keeping it stimulating. A fresh perspective would be great, and could stimulate ideas on how to give things for people to “tie into” as it were – things they can bounce off to be able to roleplay.