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Thank you very much for the replies, I will endeavour to role-play more. Being new to this aspect of role-playing it’s going to be a touch difficult for me initially as I have a distinct lack of self-esteem when it comes to these things (and no small amount of stage fright).

Do the Game Master’s reward role-playing? I’ve only ever seen someone drop into a crew once to observe (Starry) so I’m not sure how possible this would be.

Secondly I do note that there is a ‘bar’ to assist with character building (not that I ever know what star date it is). We don’t seem to utilize any character building tools either, which may tie into Game Masters rewarding good role-playing. Is there any direction from above if this is likely to come back, if not, are there any barriers preventing it?

Are the ships encouraged to undertake ‘unsupervised’ or rather ‘routine’ patrols? Time, crew and volunteered GM willing? I mean we have permanent crews but we don’t seem to utilize them much. The reason I ask is because smaller groups can often add a lot to the lore and raise morale and pride for the ship.