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Matthew Vaj

Roleplay is inherently an objective as we are the Terran Stellar Navy Role Play group, but it isn’t required, per se. The extent to which non-gameplay Roleplay on the bridge exists is largely dependent on the captain and, to a lesser extent, the crew.

I think you are accurate in your assessment that as a whole we currently have more of a focus on winning the game instead of roleplaying the game. I won’t say whether that’s a good or bad thing; it just is, for better or worse, though I do think it is largely an artifact of the game itself not being particularly conducive to keeping all members of a crew engaged aside from combat situations. There’s a lot we can do with the sandbox, but only so much maintains interest for any significant period of time.

I will note that if you have an interest in more roleplay, in my experience if one person is engaging in it, others will join in, so I would encourage you to roleplay as much as you like. Back when I was a lowly engineer I liked to report damage with comments like “Hull breaches on deck 3!” which I think helped a lot with immersion. Tbh it’s a lot harder to RP about anything non-combat related as a commanding officer.

This has been one of the long-standing questions of the group, and I doubt that anyone will mind if you throw out ideas for how to expand on roleplay if you have them.